The primary goal of Vermont First is to increase our purchase of local products at all Vermont Sodexo accounts.  In order to accomplish this both accurately and successfully, we built a robust tracking process to capture the detailed, and oftentimes hard to come by, purchasing information.

We use this information to highlight successes, identify areas of opportunity to buy more local products, and to inform our broader community about our progress.  The purpose of this page is to share the results of our tracking with you.

Vermont First Values and Goals

Vermont First FY15 Totals – Statewide
Vermont First FY15 Local Producers Map

Vermont First FY16 Totals – Statewide
Vermont First FY16 Local Producers Map

Vermont First Annual Report FY16

Vermont First Annual Report FY17
Vermont First FY17 Totals – Statewide

Relevant Research:

Vermont Farm to College Local Procurement Best Practices, 2017 – Executive Summary
Agriculture and Human Values, 2017: Get real – an analysis of student preference for real food